Where do I upload my website?

You should upload all your web files to your 
web hosting account's main folder, usually public_htmlhttpdocs,www, etc. All files uploaded there will appear on your site.

/public_html - This is where your site files will go ! IMPORTANT !

/mail - Mail area for your domain

/www – same as /public_html

The public_html is where your web page files has to be placed

Your html files, and or the files you want to make accessible to the World Wide Web must be uploaded to your account. When you first FTP into your account, you'll be taken to your "Home" directory. Don't confuse this with your "web directory." The home directory is "not" accessible to the World Wide Web; it's a private directory where critical system files reside.

NOTE: DO NOT delete ANY files that have been created by the system, otherwise your web site may disappear into cyber oblivion!

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